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Denmark takes P3 in Race 2 at Indianapolis

Starting in 14th, Denmark fought hard to move up the field through the opening laps of the race, before the safety car came out. Denmark stayed calm and focused on the restart which enabled him to move from 6th to 3rd, where he stayed until he crossed the line.

What Jace had to say:

“My first start was really awesome. I think I went to sixth or so, and then we had a caution. The restart was super chaotic. I don’t know what the leader was doing but he clearly didn’t pay attention in the driver’s meeting and started way later than what the start zone should be. It bottled everything up but good for me because I came out third from that and just ran my race. I was defending from Jonathan Browne for a while and just finished the race a little behind Salvador. A great race and a great rebound from yesterday. It is nice to finish Indy on a good note. Usually, I don’t have much luck here so this helps going into the Freedom 90."


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