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Jace Denmark wins dramatic Race 2 Toronto Grand Prix in the USF2000 Championship

18-year-old Jace Denmark took home the most points in the USF2000 Championship at the Toronto Grand Prix at the weekend. Reaching the podium in second place in Race 1, and winning Race 2, Denmark is a firm contender for the championship title, currently in 3rd place, just 25 points being the Championship leader with three races remaining.

What Jace had to say:

“I’m really happy to get the win after everything that happened out there. It was a very high-stress race – even more so than usual. I’m glad to have gotten it done today, with calculated defending playing a big role. I lost it at the end yesterday so to come back today and get a win is helping us end the season on a high note with only three races remaining. I’m looking forward to Portland.”


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